The Lighthouse List

Lighthouses are synonymous with the Oregon Coast. Dotted along the rugged shores of Oregon, you can travel almost anywhere along the Oregon Coast and see these statuesque structures, guarding the precious landscape that surrounds them.

There are a total of eleven lighthouses of Oregon that remain today as a beacon for vessels approaching the rugged coast and as notable landmarks to observe as a reminder of Oregon’s maritime history. The lighthouses of Oregon provide a glimpse into the past of what life was like along Oregon’s coast.


Tillamook Rock

image of Tillamook Had Lighthouse
Tillamook Head Lighthouse, Ecola Point State Park, Oregon”

Poised atop a rock nearly two miles out at sea, Tillamook Rock is one that will require a zoom lens or a set of binoculars to see. This dramatic setting is best seen from Ecola State Park near Cannon Beach. The lighthouse is not open to the public, having shut down in 1957.

Cape Meares

Easily accessible to the public, the Cape Meares Lighthouse was first brought to light in 1890. Today the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department manages the lighthouse. Enjoy this lovely lighthouse April through October.

Yaquina Head

image of Yaquina Head Lighthouse
Yaquina Head Light in Newport, Oregon

Fifteen minutes south of Depoe Bay sits the tallest lighthouse in Oregon, Yaquina Head. Since 1873 the lighthouse has withstood lighting strikes and violent storms and has become the most popular lighthouse along the Oregon Coast. Viewing is best enjoyed from the Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area. Open year-round, the lighthouse offers ranger-led tours for those interested.

Yaquina Bay

Located within minutes of the Yaquina Head Lighthouse, you will find the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse. Abandoned for several decades and following its restoration, it opened back up to the public a few years back. Views of the lighthouse can be seen from Yaquina Bay State Recreation Site. Open to the public year-round.

Cleft of the Rock

Built in 1976 atop a 110-foot cliff above the ocean, Cleft of the Rock resembles the Fiddle Reef Lighthouse on Vancouver Island. Although not open to the public, you can catch a glimpse of this lighthouse from HWY 101 or the Amanda Trail.

Heceta Head

image of Heceta Head Lighthouse
The famous Heceta Head Lighthouse on the Oregon coast

As one of Oregon’s most scenic and popular lighthouse to visit, Heceta Head offers astonishing scenery and beautiful architecture. While several families lived in and cared for the lighthouse over the years it is now part of an Oregon State Park. Open year round for ranger-led tours.

Umpqua River

Oregon’s first lighthouse rested along the Umpqua River, only lasting a few years the need for a new lighthouse was quickly realized. So, the lighthouse that stands today was built 100 feet above the ocean, reducing the risk of destruction. Located in the Umpqua Lighthouse State Park, the lighthouse is open from May through October.

Cape Arago

Notably, one of the hardest lighthouses to find, Cape Arago sits perched on top of a rock along the southern coast. Best views, but still limited, can be seen from Sunset Bay and Yoakman Point State Parks. Not open to the public.

Coquille River

First lit in 1896, the Coquille River (then known as Bandon Light) Lighthouse help to guide boaters into the Coquille River and harbor. Due to a fire that nearly wiped out the town of Bandon, the lighthouse shut down in 1939. Reopened to the public in 1979 as part of Bullards Beach State Park.

Cape Blanco

image of Cape Blanco Lighthouse
Historic Cape Blanco Lighthouse, on Oregon Pacific Ocean Coast. The western-most point in lower 48 USA states.

As the oldest lighthouse in the state, Cape Blanco Light sits amongst grassy cliffs high above the Pacific Ocean. As the western-most point of land in Oregon, the bluffs provide the perfect opportunity to see gray whales and other marine life. Today this scenic lighthouse can be enjoyed from the Cape Blanco State Park.

Pelican Bay

Built in 1999, Pelican Bay is Oregon’s newest lighthouse. Located atop rugged cliffs above Brookings, it is the southernmost lighthouse in the state. Not open to the public viewing can be seen from Brookings harbor.


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