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Though Depoe Bay is known for having the smallest harbor, our winter storms can be anything but small. Oregon Coast storm watching is a popular activity with our guests and visitors to the Oregon Coast and the storms won’t disappoint.

Though stormy weather frequents our coast, the most common season for winter storms is from November to March with storms that bring strong wind and large ocean swells. Many of our guests find it fun to watch from the comfort of their luxurious suite or private balcony.

Depoe Bay is a fantastic spot for coastal storms, but there are other nearby lookouts that are excellent for storm watching.

Boiler Bay: The state park, about a mile north of Depoe Bay, offers fantastic views of storms hitting the spouting horns and swells generating a lot of foam.

Cape Perpetua: The clifftop at Cape Perpetua offers expansive views of the coast and approaching storms.

Devils Punch Bowl: The punch bowl is an attraction you wouldn’t want to miss anyway, but when a storm swirls and crashes within the collapsed cave, it’s a sight.

Rocky Creek: South of Depoe Bay is another state park that offers safe viewing of the storms rolling in.

Please be careful when planning to storm watch as conditions can change quickly and it’s advised to keep a safe distance from the swells and rocky cliffs and never turn your back on the ocean.  Safety should always come first when watching storms along the coast.

Be sure to pack a good rain jacket, warm clothing, and waterproof gear if you plan on watching the storms from a location other than your suite. Though we always enjoy watching the storms safe and dry and with a glass of wine in our hand.

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