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Guests of the Channel House have come to the right place for whale watching: our hotel is located directly on the shores of Depoe Bay, a major site for whale watching on the Oregon Coast. Thousands of grey whales, humpbacks, orca and other varieties pass through the area each year – enough that thrilling sightings of their swimming and breaching the water occur year round, with peaks during their migration periods. The peaks are typically in winter from December through February and spring from March through May.

Summer also tends to find whales closer to shore for feedings along the reef. This is an excellent time to visit Depoe Bay’s dedicated Whale Watching Center, conveniently located within walking distance of our lodging! Free to all, the center open year round and features all the resources you’ll need for a day of observation, including wide sea-facing windows, binoculars and Park Rangers who can help answer your questions.

Getting out on the ocean is, of course, the best way to catch a closer glimpse of these amazing creatures. Several companies in Depoe Bay can help you do just that – Tradewinds ChartersWhale Research EcoExcursions  and The Whale’s Tail are among the best-known options. These charters typically go on trips of 1-2 hours, guided by captains who steer their vessels near the navigating pods without posing a risk to them.

In fact, this element of safety is part of the reason why Depoe Bay whale watching has become such a popular pastime among visitors to our corner of the coast: some whales have been affectionately named after repeated sightings year after year. By shore or sea, this is a wonderful way to reconnect with nature that you won’t want to miss the next time you’re at Channel House!


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